Make plants a part of your Home Interior Design

Make plants a part of your Home Interior Design

Interior Design need not necessarily involve luxurious sofa cushions or imported doors and window frames. The space could be beautified with elements and plants as well which is most often overlooked. With fresh breeze of air flowing across rooms, plants give the empty space an alive and green outlook. 

Plants can make indoor spaces, not just homes but also office spaces more beautiful and comfortable. In our article today, we will discuss the need to employ plants in the Interior Design process. 

Using Plants in Interior Design

An Interior Designer always prefers using plants as part of the design process across different spaces in both residential and commercial interiors. They have positive health effects on residents and working employees as well. The benefits of using plants include

  • Improved mood by lowering stress.
  • Purify the indoor air naturally. Plants reduce pollution indoors and provide fresh breezes. 
  • Indoor plants improve health.
  • Plants beautify the interior space.

Plants are an important part of the Interior Design of commercial as well as residential spaces. Apart from the amazing mental and physical health benefits, inducting plants to be part of your space is an essence in Interior Design in Bangalore and lifestyle. 

Types of Plants to use in Interior Design

Plants bring Home to life making it important to choose the right plants as well. Sunlight is essential for every plant’s growth. But, indoor penetration of sunlight is less compared to outdoor. So, it is necessary to use plants that can thrive even in less amount of sunlight in indoor spaces. Here are some of the best plants for use in interior design. 

  • Low Sunlight House plants – These plants fit right if the sunlight penetration inside the interior space is less which will affect plant growth. To compensate for these issues, utilize low-sunlight plants.
    • Snake plants
    • English Ivy
    • Peace Plants
    • Pothos
    • Peace plants
  • Low maintenance House plants – If you are still learning to maintain the plants where you could overwater or underwater or mistreat them. Having low-maintenance plants will make interior plant maintenance more flexible.
    • Jade Plant
    • Yucca
    • Chinese evergreen
    • Prayer plants
    • Peace plants
    • Succulents
    • Lady Palm
  • High Air Quality House Plants – Some plants are efficient at cleaning the air and create moderate humidity. Having Air purifying plants will benefit if there are occupants at any point in time.
    • Snake plant
    • Money plant
    • Dragon tree
    • Areca palm
    • Spider plant
  • Flowering house plants – Flowers improve the mood and create a pleasing fragrance. Flowering plants also add color to the interior space.
    • Orchids
    • Anthurium
    • Cyclamen
    • Amaryllis
    • Christmas cactus

Ideas to use Plants in Interior Design

Houseplants bring in calm to the home and they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They offer varied options for Interior Design. Here are the ideas to design interior space with plants. 

  • Space Enlargement using plants indoors can magnify the space and make indoors look much larger. Here are some of the techniques employed by Interior Designers.
    • Use trailing plants to cover wall spaces. 
    • Use large bonsai or plants with huge leaves at the room’s focal point.
    • Use light plants that will behave with airflow being the space more active. 
  • Using plants in the home and office spaces visually emphasizes the focal point of the room. The placement of plants on shelves or windowsills will enhance the room’s appeal. Projecting Natural perspective out of internal space, plants always draw an eye. 
  • Create visual balance and symmetry by placing matching plants on either side of the window, doorway, and seating arrangements. 
  • Use unique container designs for plants in line with the color and decor of walls and the space. 

Improving the look and feel of the interior space using plants can make the residents calmer with happier indoors. We at Storeyboard Design, employ plants as an important part of a Home or Office Interior. Indoor plants go well with almost every design theme even luxurious or plain simple themes as well. Connect with us to check out our vast range of portfolio of Interior Design. 

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