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Home interiorsInterior decoration tips to enhance Wall appearance with the artwork.
Interior decoration tips to enhance Wall appearance with the artwork

Interior decoration tips to enhance Wall appearance with the artwork.

An Interior Design process can be matched to fit right with your Personality. A lot of factors add to the beautifying of your home like ambiance, ventilation, elegance, natural elements, artworks, and more. Along with other elements are the artworks and portraits you can hang on the walls. Giving walls a positive vibe and making them lively, portraits add magic to Interior design. 

A person’s perspective affects emotions and enhances brain function, behavior, etc suggests a scientific study. Art has the power to change the perspective and perceptions of the world. Making artwork part of the Home gives an upgraded feel of home attitude. 

In our article today, we want to put out a few tips to make artwork part of your Home’s wall space. 

Why artwork to beautify walls and homes?

Visiting an art show or an art store gives a rush and feeling that every portrait would go well on your walls. But not every artwork goes well as much as you wish. An interior designer is probably the best bet if you are an amateur in the artwork. To make it worth the investment, the right placement on the walls is how you give justice to the art. 

To make a first and lasting impression on your guest, portraits can go a long way. Placement at the right spot on a wall is a knack not everyone can master. 

Find the focal point

The key proposition of housing artwork and portraits in Interior Design is to put a centerpiece or a point. Right in front of the sofa seating might be a good idea but would it be good for a portrait? Here’s where the psychological idea of interior design comes into the picture. Each room has a focal point around which the entire design strategy resides. The focus being a point of constant is around which all the element’s placement is done. 

Take a trial

It would be advisory to test before installing the artwork by drafting the positions on the wall to visualize the placement. Here are a couple of ways to idealize. 

Onfloor placement – Try laying out the portraits and artworks on the floor horizontally. Placement on the floor is ideally advised better than trying out on vertical walls for the safety of artwork as well. Try a combination of the portraits and keep repositioning until you arrive at the right combination. Not just portraits experiment with the position as well so that the ideal look and feel is achieved beforehand. 

Try Pencil and Paper – This approach is fit for a rough visualization with respect to the position of the wall mount. One cannot see the different artwork placement in the case of a paper drawing. There are visualizer applications available today to try different combinations for other Interior Design elements as well. 

Check your portrait size and the wall space

Artwork and portraits reimagine the living space. It beautifies the wall and lessens the blank space on the walls. But it is also important to have a positive tone of art exhibited on the walls. How would it be if a skeleton portrait is what you wake up for every morning? Doesn’t seem ideal right? We understand the vibe one needs to have at home and place the right frames. Here are some suggestions to find the right dimensions and positioning of the artwork. 

  • Use multiple frames or portraits on a single wall.
  • Use one key artwork in the living area and all the others should be smaller than the key one.
  • Ensure sufficient space between each portrait.
  • Make the placements at eye level so the observer doesn’t experience strain while looking at them. 
  • Place small portraits of photographs along the staircase adjoining wall. 

Upgrade the entire house

With an artwork or a portrait at the focal point, the idea revolves around the living room. The idea of using artwork can be used in different sections of a house i.e bedroom, kitchen, wall adjoining the patio, entryway, etc.  furniture, 

Wall art is often neglected in placement on the walls of bedrooms. Besides artwork, all of your bedroom could be themed across the painting or the portrait. With an adaptive lighting setup, adopt your mood and lighting as well. 

Our important advice is not to go overboard on the design front. Nothing less Nothing much. Some basic ideas will make things work fine like putting only one wall of a room in limelight. Use appropriate tools and hardware to mount the portrait on the wall. 

Can we help reshape your walls?

You might be ready to reposition elements and artwork on your walls. With a fair idea, you might do a better job at designing your walls. If you could, we take pride in helping you with employing elements on your wall. 

With changing dynamics and trends in interior Designing, it would be helpful to have the latest design ideas. At Storeyboard Design, we keep up with the latest developments in furniture, paint, laminates, modular kitchen, false ceiling, etc. And also, the world of art. Get in touch with us to change the outlook of your walls. 

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