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GardeningTypes of Irrigation Systems for Greenary in Home Interiors and Lawns

Types of Irrigation Systems for Greenary in Home Interiors and Lawns

Home Construction and Interior Design are increasingly using live plants as a design strategy. Laying out a lawn in the front yard, using plants inside the interior space, and building a garden on the terrace or the backyard. The most important thing when employing plants is not the design but its continued maintenance.

Watering the plants regularly is an important part of the maintenance of greenery. The process of watering the plants using different methods is called Irrigation. There are different Irrigation methods in use that purely depend on the kind of environment and the type of plants and their water requirements. This article gives an idea about irrigation practices to maintain greenery at home. 

Irrigations Systems

There are three popular irrigation methods used in Watering plants. They are from Garden Hoses, Sprinkler Irrigation, and Drip irrigation. We’ll discuss the irrigation methods in detail. 

Garden Hose 

The basic way of watering the plants is with a garden hose. But, this irrigation process is time-consuming, tiring, and inefficient. This method requires continuous watering sometime 3-4 times a day depending on the temperature of the day. A Garden hose is generally used on lawns and backyard gardens for their watering needs. 

Using Garden needs muscle too and is always tiring. One needs to move heavy hoses across the lawn and keep holding them throughout the process. Plants need adequate watering for healthy growth and failing to do so will assure stunted and malnutrition growth. 

Not just spreading the house but also winding it back every time won’t make the irrigation practice easy either. It will wear one down to their home. Failing to water for a couple of days will make the lawn dry out and the plants almost dead. It’s not easy to automate the irrigation system making it not feasible. 

Sprinkler Irrigation

This irrigation system can cover a larger area with sprinklers. In this method, water pipes PVC or CPVC is buried under the ground with vertical projections above the ground where Sprinklers are connected. When the motor or the tap is switched on, water sprinkles and distributes water throughout the covered area. 

In Sprinkler Irrigation, the evaporation rate is high leading to excess water being wasted. Spreading water widely promotes weed growth. Most of the water will be wasted to grow weeds, therefore, becoming inefficient. This irrigation method is the best fit for front lawns. They are easy to automate and are able to operate without supervision as well. 

Drip Irrigation

Gardening is one of the most popular uses for backyard and terrace space. The popular plants planted are vegetables and flowers. Drip irrigation is a generally used watering method in the home garden which is both economical and efficient. They can also be automated to water the plants in the line’s vicinity. 

Drip Irrigation is an easy-to-use irrigation set that one can easily deploy on their own. Water wastage is almost nil with water directly aimed at the root system. 

Gardening is an important part of modern home design, making nature part of the living space. Storeyboard Design provides end-to-end Interior Design Services with water management setup for garden and lawn space as well. With efficient ways to save water, our irrigation methods are customized to space and can be automated. 

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