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Home interiorsKey difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Architect
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Key difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Architect

Interior Design is an important part of the Construction industry. Whether it is a home, office, or even art, a designer makes the place appealing. Interior designers and Interior Architects are the keys to turning raw structures into a workable or living space. Our article today emphasizes the primary differences between an Architect and a Designer of Interior space. 

Here are some Definition 

  • Architect – An Architect is a person who designs buildings and assists in the construction to match the initial plans on paper. It covers a varied range of aspects from Structural integrity to the aesthetic outlook to create a functional space for personal or commercial purposes. 
  • Interior Architect – The allocation of space and layout of an existing building or a new plan is made by an Interior Architect, with a focus on the interior of a building. They play the primary role in renovations and refurbishments without making any significant changes to the exterior outlook. The Interior Architect focuses on the wider part of the design and positioning such as windows, walls, and structural elements. 
  • Interior Designer – The actual details of the space’s interior is planned by an Interior Designer. The area of work includes color schemes and patterns, false ceilings, lighting, material choice, furnishings, etc. 

Both Designers and Architects of the Interior work together to bring out the layout of the interior space to match the customer’s expectations and requirements. An interior designer focuses on the complete aesthetics of the design space with the right choice of furnishings and elements that bring the place alive with a pleasing appearance. The primary aspect of the structural design like practicality, functionality, and safety is bridged by the Interior Architect to bring efficiency to the design space.

The two professions are distinctively separate in qualifications and professional association. Though they are aligned in the work around a structure, Interior designers are taking a more active role in designing a space. The design implementation will require more active participation from a designer than an architect. 

Interior Designers presently offer architecture services as part of their services. Core Interior Architects are mainly employed in larger commercial and residential projects. In smaller projects like a home renovation, there is no need for an Interior architect in the project.  

Whom to hire for your Interior Design project?

Interior Designers and Interior Architects have separate roles to play which mainly depend on the size of the project. Both of their part of the work starts only the Chief Architect of the project completes their work. While both of them have a similar role, their works are clearly distinctive. 

Interior designers are preferred hires for home renovation, extension, or a new build. They are the more efficient option considering the size of the projects and the area of the renovation space. 

After the structure or the building is complete, it is usual to work with Interior Designer and the Architect to make the most of the space appealing to pursue buyers. This has an inherent issue that the new hire, must carry on the work of the previous architect. This makes it more difficult for them to accommodate the design requirements within the building without having to make any compromises.

The right hire would have to be integral i.e Interior Designer and Interior Architect must be aligned in thoughts for the design services. This provides the customer much more freedom to specify their layout decisions and finishings right from the start of the project, Taking this integrated approach can be economical and reduce the time needed to complete a building and avoids the need to coordinate the work of multiple professionals. 

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