How to decorate a small living room beautifully?

How to decorate a small living room beautifully?

Small living rooms are the place the occupants spend most of the time and most of your guests also stay there when they visit your home. Small rooms have limited space which makes it difficult to decorate and place other necessary objects. 

Designing a small living room could be a challenging task and this article gives you a brief idea to beautify a small living room while making it spacious. Using these innovative ideas, you can make your home a beautiful living room at a low cost.

Multifunctional Furniture

For small living rooms, a multifunctional furniture is a good option that provides the advantage of using them as a sofa or as a bed whenever needed. Though, such stuff is a little costlier but suitable for small rooms that have limited space.

Backless Sofa

As per a Home interior decorator consultant, if you don’t have enough space in your living room, you should go for a backless sofa kept that can be used from both sides. If you have the option of a large size room, you can use it as a divider between two seating areas.

Neutral Colors give a spacious view

Using solid colors in small size rooms make it look smaller, but you use neutral shades on walls, floors, and ceiling or on upholstery furniture. A white shade is the best option to enhance the view of small living rooms and create a calming environment.

Here’s our Top 5 tips to make your Home comfortable!

Place Antiques in corners

Though small rooms have limited space, a living room should be a little decorative to attract guests. Hence, you can use small pieces of antique items that can be easily placed in the corner which is a vacant place in houses.

Wallpapers and Mirrors

Using mirrors and glasses in small rooms provides a reflective focal point that gives a spacious look. Add lighting in front of the same to create a striking ambiance by using pendant lamps and candles to give a natural look.

Small Scale Furniture 

A living room should have furniture like a sofa, chair, table, and movable armchairs. There are many shops offering small and portable furniture easily adjustable in small rooms. Choose the right one that can adjust to your room, and make sure about the size and comfort so that you can enjoy a relaxed living space across the floors.

If you need to professionally design a living room for your small house, you can get in touch with Storeyboard Design an Interior Designer in Bangalore who can assist you in the right manner to design your small living room.

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