Top dining table designs for a Monday Inspiration

Top dining table designs for a Monday Inspiration

Oct 10th – Top Dining Table designs for a Monday Inspiration

The dining area and dining tables are becoming mainstream in Indian families and homes. The dining table increases the beauty of the home and kitchen space. It is not just the seat to have food, but for families to sit together to talk and share their moments. 

The dining room can be designed uniquely and in line with the theme of the entire home interior design in Bangalore. The tables need to be attractive and spacious enough to seat multiple people. In this article, we bring you the 10 best dining room designs to inspire you and your home space. 

Innovative Dining table ideas

Marble dining table

The marble tables are durable and provide a unique look to the dining area. These exquisite tabletops can be molded into any shape. Since marble tops are white in color, decorating with artistic material will give a different outlook. 

Contemporary table

These designs are highly used in modern architecture homes. They can be cut into any shape and size. They are designed using plastic, glass, or artificial materials. The weight handling capacity of each material varies and should be employed accordingly. 

Square table

A square table provides ample space for seating and gives a more elegant look to the dining area. They can be coupled with any kind of chair. Place a small and beautiful flower-filled vase or some artistic piece for a more attractive look. 

Oval table

They are one of the most amazing designs for a dining room and provide large space for dining. Round and rectangular chairs give a lovely look for family dinners having many people around. 

Glass dining table

They are the most stylish dining tables that go well with every interior design theme. They are easy to clean and are transparent giving a modern look. Tempered glass gives more strength to the table with more holding capacity.

Traditional table 

Traditional tables give an aesthetic look to a modern home. With different bases and artistic corners, they appear luxurious as well giving larger seating space.

Industrial table

They usually go well if you want to explore an outdoor dining table in a garden or as a patio. It is a simple wooden table joined by a metal base. They are durable and can be placed in an open area. 

Tile top tables

They are designed over wooden table tops with tiles of different styles and designs. Tiles go with any chair design. They can help reimagine dining rooms with easy setups. 

Rustic table

With rustic-style tables, the dining area will get a natural look. They are popularly used in cabins and cottages. They are available in rectangular and round sizes and go well with wooden chairs. They can also be elongated for seating large groups of people. 

Laminate touch table

These are used widely in restaurants. It consists of many layers to hold higher weight capacity. Generally manufactured with steel bases, they long for a longer period. 


These are some of the most unique dining table designs that go well with different interior design themes. They not just make the dining room bright and bring families together every day for a nice dinner. 

If you are finding it difficult to find a good dining table, connect with Storeyboard Design for customized table designs that’ll match your personality and house themes as well. 

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