Easy ways to brighten your Home!

Easy ways to brighten your Home!

Despite best efforts, sometimes a home feels dull and wouldn’t feel as good as expected. The main reason for interior spaces to appear dull is the lack of lighting. Sometimes, it is because dark colors coated the wall. Here are some useful hacks to fix your brightness problem. 

Deploy the Whites 

Playing with white colors will always bring much-needed brightness to the room. It may not be white on all walls but at least 30% of the total wall space be white. The reflective qualities of the color are impressive and spread light throughout the closed space. Even if there’s no space for white coating, use a white bulb or tube light in different white shades to make the space more bright. 

Consider backlighting the elements

Backlighting the elements of your space like portrait, ceiling, shelves, walls, stairs, etc can add gloominess to the space. Installing backlighting will mask the darkness by brightening the space around the element. It neutralizes the darkness through cove lights in ceilings and elements. 

Bright Artwork

Make the most of your dark spaces by installing bright artwork on the walls in the major areas of your home. It may be digital artwork or a painting. The main idea is to pick artwork with bright and bold colors like yellow, honey, gold, or like. 

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