Top 3 Design ideas for small condos and penthouses

Top 3 Design ideas for small condos and penthouses

Designing the interiors of your home, apartment or even a condo is a tricky job. Several things need to be considered and finally, everything should be aligned accordingly. With the growing urbanization, the number of homes is getting more and more. This trend is leading to much smaller homes which in turn gives us a bit of difficulty while designing appropriate interior design for our condo. There is many good interior design company Bangalore, who you can consult and have your interior designed. With the growing trend of renovation in Bangalore, many innovative interior design ideas are popping out in the market. Let’s discuss the 3 best interior design ideas for small condos.

Maximize Space

A small home may look even smaller if you clutter it up with your unnecessary things. Getting rid of all those unwanted things in your condo can free up so much space that you can’t even imagine. Suddenly, your condo will start to feel spacious. Your interior design plays an important role in maximizing space. Elevated shelves are a very smart way for maximizing space. There are several interior design concepts in Bangalore that you can try to adapt to your condo or home.

A kitchen island for utility

Sparing a separate room for the kitchen can take out a lot of space and it’s not even necessary. If you’re looking for a subtle interior kitchen design, you should contact a good interior design firm in Bangalore and let them propose a good kitchen island for your house. A decent-sized dining table should do the trick, unlike the huge dining tables which are used very rarely. The size and shape of the kitchen furniture can be altered according to the size of your kitchen. Small condos don’t even need a dining table. Go for a larger island to replace a dining table, this step can give you multifunctional space. 

Theme that reflects your lifestyle

The interior design of a home should be planned passionately. There are several interior design concepts in Bangalore that is available online. A theme that reflects your lifestyle could be your primary option to go for. A theme that combines all the elements according to your tastes and liking speaks volumes about your personality and identity. A subtle color palette should do the thing for the outline. Fill it up with your preferred designs. Textures should be taken care of properly.

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