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Bathroom10 ideas for colours and designs in small bathrooms to make the area appear fashionable and larger
10 ideas for colours and designs in small bathrooms to make the area appear fashionable and larger

10 ideas for colours and designs in small bathrooms to make the area appear fashionable and larger

Your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to design a chic and satisfying experience regardless of the size of your space, whether it is used for pleasure, self-care, or everyday necessity. We’ve put together a list of 10 small bathroom colour ideas you can replicate at home to help you make the most of your limited bathroom space. 

sunlit bathroom with roof top window

1. Be daring and use a dark colour scheme. 

Dark colours are always an option even if your bathroom is tiny! Darker colours can add a sense of elegance and sophistication regardless of the size of the room, whereas many individuals typically choose lighter colours to maximize the feeling of space. 

To really add some design dimension to your bathroom, combine dark walls, like emerald Glade, with metallics and a wide mirror. 

Emerald Glade paint 

2. Select a colourful accent wall. 

This is a wonderful project that will inspire all of your inner painters! The only thing limiting you when it comes to accent walls is your imagination. Simple, solid colours, solid patterns, and murals are all excellent choices for giving your bathroom a significant wow impact. 

3. Use a design with a light grey colour. 

Soft grey walls in a tone like Pebble Shore provide a modest yet elegant contrast to colourful white furnishings while also softening the harshness of already-installed glossy white ceramics like sinks and bathtubs.

Pebble Shore paint 

4. Experiment with a contrast of light and dark 

A sophisticated tonal relationship between dark and light colours can do wonders for your bathroom. For the lower portions of your space, we suggest selecting a mid-toned neutral colour like Warm Pewter to create this distinctive and contemporary effect. This gives your area a sense of dynamic design and contrasts beautifully with a lighter pastel tint like Blush Pink for your top walls. 

Pinky-Blush with Warm Pewter 

5. Set painted walls off against white furnishings. 

Most bathrooms already have traditional white fixtures, so picking a chic contrast colour for your walls, like Tuscan Glade 3, can help to contrast your current features beautifully. 

Tuscan Glade 3 paint 

6. Make your paint colours more simple. 

By avoiding visual clutter, choosing a limited colour scheme not only offers your space a polished sense of elegance but also makes your bathroom appear larger. For your walls and furnishings, we advise using a paint palette of two complementary colours, such as blush Pink and Heart Wood. 

Blush Pink & Heart Wood Pai

7. Use a large mirror. 

Large mirrors are a great decoration tool for giving the appearance of depth and additional space while also adding practicality to your area. A smart placement for mirrors would be near to a light source to offer your room extra brightness since mirrors are excellent for reflecting both indirect and ambient light. Getting rid of dark nooks will also help your room feel more open and spacious. A chic shadow in paint 

8. Construct a spotlight 

Anyone wishing to make a big style impression in their bathroom would love to add a statement light feature. Choosing an eye-catching design helps to make your bathroom feel bigger by naturally drawing our eyes away from the walls of your area. Thisisnotonly a terrific opportunity to express your distinctive personal style, but it also generates a clever impact. 

Mossy Stone paint 

9. Bathroom furniture that is hidden 

“Hideaway” furniture is defined as having additional flat surface space or storage within its own predetermined dimensions. This category includes furniture with drawers or fold-out tables. This is wise if you want to maximize your storage capacity and keep your furniture inconspicuous. The best way to make a smaller bathroom feel larger is by having an open floor plan. 

Urban Obsession, a painting 

10. Maximize your storage space 

Another smart approach to creating enough storage for your items while maintaining an open floor plan is wall storage. If you don’t currently have any, shelves are a great addition and are simple to install. To create a straightforward and individualized storage solution, you can also install a row of item hooks and attach baskets. 

Wall accents like these metal circles are a unique way to give your bathroom both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Another chance to add colour to your home is through shelving. Why not attempt something similar to the picture below, which features Kiwi Crush paint as an accent in the shelf pockets and Polished Pebble on the walls?

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