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Importance of Interior Design in Workspace!

The first impact when a new person enters your office is made by your Interiors. Not just visitors, but potential employee too judges their future workplace. There are many aspects that impact the efficiency of a workspace and the Interiors are among the key factors. 

Even if your office space is small, and managed well with necessary interiors, it makes a positive impact on your workforce as well. If not looked after well, the place becomes a mess. If things and people get cramped up in the small space, the existing employees do feel an aversion to getting out of the mess. 

Rooms and Halls cramped up with people leave less space for breathing and have an impact on your employee’s mental well-being as well. Lack of Privacy at the work desk is just a first glimpse to evaluate the adoption of Interior Designing methods in Office Spaces. 

A glimpse into the effects of Poor Office Space Design

Walking into the office must not feel like a stroll in a park as it will seriously affect productivity as a whole. Likewise, accumulated stress leads to dissatisfaction in employees. When there’s an employment relationship in a closed space, it can get tense sometimes. 

On the contrary, if you have a big office space that’s petty much empty, there is a need to do something about it. It appears as if the office isn’t busy. Fortunately, by making small interior changes, the office space can be made more attractive to clients and employees. 

Keys to improving office Space Design

There are many approaches to Improve Office Space interiors and make it an ideal environment for your employees. Let’s dive into the aspects. 


Every business has different colored lights to match its business offerings. For example, Yellow light is the most suitable for Spas, kitchens of fast Food chains, etc. Similarly, an Office Space goes well with white lights. 

Illuminating the Workspace with white light increases the comfort of the employees. High-definition lights and Natural lighting can make the office Atmosphere safe and bright increasing employee satisfaction. 


The color combination of the walls and furniture in your office makes the first visitor impact. People have studied the impact of colors on people and their work efficiency. Employing this color strategy to match your brand and office interior will help bring an identity as well. 

Cool colors help employees increase focus and bring a peaceful atmosphere. Colors like Light blue, Fern green, and white colors can promote efficiency in the office. You have to stay away from very warm, bright, and shiny colors. If your company is in the creative field, you can employ these colors in specific areas to enhance the employee’s ability to come up with innovative ideas.

 Furniture and Decor

More than a decorative impact, Office Furniture should bring in Functional utility. Ergonomic Chairs and spacious cubicles will help employees settle in easily. It gives employees breathing space and comfort at their desks.

There is a need for decorative Furniture as well. Such areas should be dedicated to non-frequent visitors such as Clients, Vendors, Job applicants, etc. A fancy Couch in reception is such an example.  

Personal touch

Every employee in your office must feel that they belong here. They must feel personally connected with their designated space. It’s as simple as their rooms at home. The liberty to put up their personal portraits, coffee cups, notes, inspirations, etc at their desk. 

When they feel at peace, they can dedicate their focus to Company’s goals. This is what personalizing their space can have on their Productivity. 

Floor Plan

There’s a science behind planning your floors. It’s a technique to increase the efficiency of the employees. You are removing Bottlenecks and establishing a work pipeline. An efficient Floor Plan ensures smooth operations. 

If an employee needs to walk longer to initiate a related conversation, there is a high chance of them interrupting others or being interrupted by others. There is always inter-dependency on departments in an office such as Marketing and Sales, Sales and Finance, Marketing and Tech, etc. If these related departments are far away from each other, it’ll take longer for Communication. 

Dedicated placement of seats depending upon their departments and co-relation with one another helps faster work time. Similarly, Office Equipments being to be within the reach of every employee. If an employee has to walk longer to get a printout, they get back with lost focus. 

Additional Reading – Understand the importance of Interior Designing

Ventilation is naturally an important aspect of Workspace.  A good Interior Designer will always ensure that there is enough space for the passage of air. A room without open windows or a ventilation system for easy flow of air will make your employees feel suffocating from one another’s breath.

Open windows are a cost-effective way to keep the air inside odorless and fresh. Considering health aspects, good ventilation will keep infections and allergies from spreading among employees. If the option for Open Windows is less, Living plants can be used as a substitute for Fresh air. They also help in relaxing the mind and bring in happy vibes. 

Why the fuss about Interior Design in Office?

The importance of office Design is a simple idea. It’s providing Comfort for your Employees. It’s not just Lighting, Colors, ventilation, Furniture, etc make an efficient interior but small elements too make Environment comfortable. 

When designing an Office Space, ensure to keep in mind the users of the space. It might be your employees or customers, but it’s essential to make the space fit for the end user.

Storeyboard Design is a Bangalore-based Interior Design firm specializing in Office Space Interiors and Luxurious Residential Interiors. We always believe in including natural elements in our thought processes. If you too believe in the idea, maybe it’s time we become part of your Workspace. 

We believe to have made a good argument for employing Good Interior in your Workspace.

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