Top 5 tips to create a clean and inspiring workplace!

Top 5 tips to create a clean and inspiring workplace!

The workspace should be the place to empower people working there. Entering the space must feel welcoming to everyone involved in day-to-day activities likewise the visitors. We have together a few tips to help you redesign your office space for efficient functioning and inspiration. 

Do not let complete control to your Interior designer. Make sure you add your ideas in the design stage. Do not let practicality fool you. Professional interior designers can make every office space look good. But make you leave a hint of you and your business being part of interior design. 

Tip #1

Make fun part of your work culture. This will help to put on a creative hat and it can bring your workplace to life. Oversized pieces are always good because they make a statement and tend to take up a majority of the wall. Anytime someone walks into your office, whether it be a potential client or a tour you are hosting, the art can become a conversation topic. Art also has a way of telling a story, and explaining who you are, so make sure you are presenting something you want to be associated with. Collages are also another creative and fun way to bring life into a space.

Tip #2

Traffic flow is very important. In a small space, this can be slightly difficult, especially if you want to have multiple sitting/lounging areas. Before committing to furniture and accessory placement, make sure you walk around the room and come up with a traffic pattern, just as we would when staging your properties. You don’t want to distract or disrupt the flow of traffic. Once you have found the perfect feel, it will encourage you to keep it in a neat and tidy shape.

Tip #3

If you enjoy a modern office space, this tip is for you. After reading a few articles, I came to the conclusion that light wood and black are very inviting, comforting colors and textures. Adding floating wood shelves to your walls, a sleek velvet black pillow, or a desk made from light natural wood with black legs, all will help your office have that timeless and cozy feel. Now that I’m thinking about it, these colors and textures can add to the Scandinavian feel as well as modern. Think of the style you are drawn more towards, and try adding these colors and textures into your office space. The possibilities are endless.

Tip #

If you are like me, you are a bold accent chair kind of person. Adding that risky, unique chair injects character into your office. Get rid of the common swivel chair and replace it with the bold, playful one. Just remember, this is the chair you will sit in all day so you want it to be comfortable.

Tip #5

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office and the chairs or sofas were not very inviting and they just looked like you were about to sit on a thing of cardboard? Well, that is not how you want your guests to feel. In the design world, it is essential to have a dedicated space where you can take a breather, use your creative mind, and enjoy some downtime with your co-workers while sitting in style and being comfortable. 

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m sitting with my feet up on the sofa, a blanket over my legs, and a pillow on my lap with my computer. This is the place my creativity flows–not at my desk. I am sure many of you feel this way as well. Adding accent pillows and a throw blanket on the sofa can turn a very average comfy sofa into a super cozy comfy sofa. Just remember to use one that is easy to clean just in case a client comes in with a child who has Cheeto fingers. Also, since sofas are more of an expensive item, make sure you get a timeless one, and just change out the soft goods as the style changes throughout the months and years.

The smallest details can make a huge difference when it comes to your creativity and productivity in the workspace. Because we work in the design world, we need to make sure we are surrounded by it and endlessly inspired by it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your office space the way you want it, just make sure you do it with comfort in mind!

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