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Tips to design a kid’s room

Separate room for the kids is becoming common in families. However, they cannot be the same as the regular bedrooms. Kids’ rooms can be a source of knowledge at early ages as well as bring positive energy to the child. It should provide a friendly ambiance reviving curiosity right from adolescence. Here are some useful tips to design a kid-friendly room. 

Tips to Create Kids-Friendly Room

Waterproof paints

Children are hyperactive at a young age and their naughtiness may seem cute but the walls bear the wrath of the cuteness. They will mess up with the walls by writing and painting on them. Using waterproof paints will make it easier to remove those stains. 

Therefore, using waterproof paints with a matte finish to design kids’ rooms will last long and can be easily cleaned with hands.

Safe and modular furniture    

Kids are active all the time playing within the bounds of the room. Some of the fixtures in the room like chairs, cradles, etc. These may come in the child’s crawling path and cause injuries. 

Instead of regular furniture, use a round table, modular chairs, or cushion furniture to reduce harm. However, you can opt to hire a Storeyboard Design, a specialized interior designer in Bangalore to reshape the kid’s room. 

Friendly Flooring and Accessories

Kids spill liquids, dust, dirt, and other materials that makes floors space dirty. To avoid such things, you can install washable flooring like laminates, wood, and tiles.

Avoid carpets and textile matting, which are very difficult to clean or wash when kids mess with them. The floor design of the kids’ room should always be free from any kind of clothing and other carpeting materials.

Colorful objects and toys

Most of the time kids keep themselves busy by playing with toys or other objects. Hence, you should keep friendly toys in the room and also place colorful objects to keep them energetic and active throughout the day.

Get motivation to study

Use study-related materials and playing objects in kids’ rooms to keep them motivated for studying and learning. According to the kid’s age and class standard, objects are available in the market that helps kids to remember useful and related things in their daily life.

Designing a kids-friendly room encourages them to spend most of their time with happiness and comfort. However, you can also appoint professional interior designers like Storeyboard Design to make a kids-friendly room at a low cost.

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