Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes to avoid while revamping your home!

Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes to avoid while revamping your home!

Revamping your Home’s Interior might become overwhelming and turn complicated as well. While the pressure to redo everything is high, there is always a chance for mistakes. The design process is an art where things move smoothly, but the mistakes mess up the theme of your space. We have listed an article with the top 5 mistakes in Interior Designing. 

Neglecting the Floor plan 

Shopping for sofas might be fun. You might find a comfortable luxurious sofa for your seating. Well, it might become a nightmare if it doesn’t fit your space. Floor or space planning is an important aspect of the interior design process. You might neglect the right fit for your space. 

For the efficient functioning of a home, proper space planning is important for the easy flow of traffic. For that to be achieved, furniture needs to be scaled properly since they take up most of the living space. Placing a small sofa will look out of place in a large space. 

So, to get the right start, measure the floor space to get the right dimensions along with windows, arch, and door space. 

Cherry picking furniture

Online shopping has taken over the shopping experience digitally from the comfort of homes. Furniture might look appealing in online stores and you might be impressed to buy it. But, beware before placing the order. Your cart of options might not match your home theme. 

Not just matching the space, the quality of the brand matters too. You cannot sense or feel quality and comfort from a smart screen. Trying the furniture before buying will help you understand the comfort it offers especially if intended to hold for a longer duration. 

The issue is not just with your sofa, a lot of other furniture including Side stands, sofa stands, dining tables and chairs, patio, etc must be felt before placing an order. Without understanding the aspects of the quality of furniture, a blind purchase will definitely hurt both mentally and in your pocket. Even if you want to buy online, try smaller articles that won’t make much of a difference in overall appeal. 

Do not push the furniture against the wall 

Pushing furniture to the walls is the most common mistake, especially in the living area. This may be the case in smaller areas, but if you have a larger space, maintaining the position within the bounds of the wall will make much more appealing sense. 

Floating the furniture in the living space will help identify the focal point as well which might be a portrait, television, or artwork. 

Sticking to a single lighting source 

It’s the most often overlooked aspect of the Home interior and it’s the factor that makes all the difference in appeal. Sunlight is the best source of natural lighting that can be used. Although, it covers only half a day, the other half switch to artificial sources. A lot of sources can bring the space alive standing lamps, table lamps, colored bulbs, and tube lights might help bring light to the space. 

Being afraid of color

Choosing a color for your home is overwhelming since there’s no easy replacement here once coated. You may try to go with neutral colors. Not a bad idea, but do not give up on experimenting on your walls. It’s okay to mix colors and to bring the matching outfit and not fix to a monochromatic look. 

Bring out unexpected wall coats to bring space more interest and add positive energy. 

Need an Interior Designer for help? 

Do not worry If you’ve made any of these mistakes. Storeyboard Design can help you revamp your living space that matches your personality and bring a positive vibe to the home. Contact us today for all your Interior Designer in Bangalore requirements for luxurious interiors to bring the best out of your space. 

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