Innovative ways to use a mirror in your Home

Innovative ways to use a mirror in your Home

The mirror can be used innovatively as part of Interior Design which can serve multiple purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 ways to use mirrors in your home. 

With easy-to-implement ideas, we’ll discuss the effective ways to employ mirrors in different spaces of your home.  

Types of Mirrors

There are multiple mirrors in styles, sizes, and designs. Generally used in homes are freestanding mirrors, hand mirrors, and wall-mounted and over-the-door hanging mirrors. But there’s more than that.

A true-to-life reflection of the Home Interior can be achieved with Quality mirrors used as part of the home decor. Various parameters determine the quality of the mirror such as clean surface, uniform plane, distortion or edge damage. With perfectly flat surfaces, good mirrors have a thick and uniform coating behind the surface changing glass to a mirror. 

The glass used in high-quality mirrors is thick, making them heavy. Consider the weight aspect as well while choosing between the mirrors to use and the location of the hanging. 

Try using new mirrors or ones with antique frames. The mirror you choose should be determined by the way it is used.   

Check Yourself

Mirrors have a simple function in a home i.e to check on the appearances of the residents before going out for which, freestanding, face mirrors, handheld, or wall-mounted mirrors work well in the bathroom space. 

The right setup would allow one mirror to reflect another to give the look of your back as well. A handheld mirror or a wall-mounted one will be helpful if you opt for such a setup. Full-length mirrors are helpful in the bedroom or walk-in closet to assess your overall outlook.

A mirror strategically placed near your front door gives you the opportunity to check yourself one last time before you step out of the house. Lighting is important in the case of functional mirrors. More natural light the better for the home ambiance. 

Reflecting the Light

Mirrors reflect light in the room. They serve dual purposes along with checking on appearance. Mirrors bounce light into the surrounding space making room brighter. 

Brighten the dark space with the reflected light which will also help make to room appear larger. Reflecting a nice view window is a way of bringing the brightness of the outdoors inside.

Add an art

Mirrors can also be a decorative element in Home Interiors. Antique mirrors fit in nicely across different themes. Put a small mirror in an ornate or otherwise showy frame; include it with a portrait of photos or artwork, or use it as a singular piece of art.

Using a mirror at the home’s focal point will highlight the lighting throughout the space. Mirrors also create movement because they reflect whatever motion is happening to make the room more dynamic. Large mirrors to reflect big window views or other open spaces are particularly effective.

Where Not to Use the Mirrors

We all love mirrors and can make a beautiful addition to the walls of homes. Just make sure to place them in the right place. When mounting a mirror, ensure to check on the reflection as well. 

Live with it for a few days, checking it often to make sure it’s not capturing visions you don’t want to see. Is it accidentally peering into a private space? Is it reflecting something unsightly? Check before placing the mirrors.  

Hire a designer for a makeover

An interior designer is a better hire if you intend to undertake an entire makeover of your bedroom. Storeyboard design is a luxurious Interior designer in Bangalore that can give a change to a unique lifestyle to the personal space like bedroom and home as a whole. 

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