HomeBlogBedroom Lighting inspiration to bring Good vibes to your Bedroom!
BedroomLighting inspiration to bring Good vibes to your Bedroom!
Lighting inspiration to bring Good vibes to your Bedroom!

Lighting inspiration to bring Good vibes to your Bedroom!

Lighting is n important part of the interior Designing thought process. Be it Photograph, Work, Home, etc, lights make an impression on the focus objects or a task. Likewise, a Bedroom is an exceptional personal space where the open up to your emotions. Maybe a crazy unsynced dance of joy, a painful shout, or an emotional outburst. A bedroom is your comfort space and makes sure you have everything to bring peace of mind. 

Lighting plays an important part in your Bedroom and how you project your brightness advocates your mood. In your today’s inspirational guide, we take you on a ride to get you inspired on the Bedroom Lighting concept. It’s all to sparkle and shines in your bedroom. 

Bedroom Lighting Design Basics

The bedroom is a personal space for every individual or couple. Bringing a balance between task, accent and ambient lighting for the room is a key in Interior Designing. Work around different light combinations to get the ideal illumination. Make sure no colors overpower the other. 

You need to develop a keen sense of observation to understand the balance and nuances of lights be it wall lights or ceiling lights for the bedroom. By layering and understanding your room lighting, you can create the mood for any activity on the spot.

Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, and Accent Lighting are three layers of light that you should employ as part of the lighting design for your bedroom.

Ambient Room Lighting

Ambient lighting covers the entire room space with a soft glow to enable easy functioning without causing harsh glare. It involves utilizing the available natural sunlight that seeps into the room. Chandeliers, Mounted Ceiling lights, and Pendants can be used in case you have a high ceiling, it would make your bedroom naturally lit. 

Ambient Room Lighting can be used to bring in help during your everyday chores like storing, cleaning, sorting, etc. However, they cannot be used for specific and closed-range tasks such as computer desk, drawing, reading, etc. A suspended Chandelier With Flame-shaped Bulbs Is a perfect choice for Ambient Lighting.

Task Lighting for Bedroom

Convert your bedroom mood to match your office setup as well. Task lighting is used in your workspace. Concentrated around particular spaces such as a computer table, a book desk, etc. It’s the kind of light needed while working where you need finer, pinpointed lights. 

It complements the ambient light and brings a working mood with high beam light. Wall Sconces, Wall mounted Task lights, table lamps, and low-hanging pendants. It offers an uninterrupted light source for tasks such as reading, typing, etc. Employ if you get to do work at home. 

Accent Lighting Design

Love something so much you have a place made for it in your bedroom? It might be the portrait of a beautiful painting you love or a shelf of all the books you love. How about illuminating them so that they become focal points in your room? That is where you can employ accent lighting and remove dull shadows from your walls. 

People generally use accent lighting for their book collections, artwork, expensive collectibles, etc. Accent lighting can be outdoors as well. The lighting is used to highlight the Home’s Architectural aspects such as a fountain or a statue. 


Given a thought to reduce the brightness of your lighting? It’s good to have them on your to-add list of interior lighting. From a soft-lit sleep mode to a full-blown supernova, give your bedroom a different mood every time you walk in. It is easy to connect to the main lighting chandelier of your bedside lamps, enabling versatility in your personal space. 

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