Here’s our Guide to Organizing your kitchen

Here’s our Guide to Organizing your kitchen

You don’t have to spend hours in your kitchen alone. To keep things tidy and your cooking skills optimal, it’s important to keep your cookware and kitchen utensils organized. Here are some expert tips on how you can organize your kitchen properly so that you can save time, gain more joy from cooking, and start getting what you need more quickly.

The Interior Designing experts at Storeyboard Design share some important tips to keep your Kitchen Happy, Clean and Organized.

Employ Live Plants for Fresh Air

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it’s very important to keep the space organized. If you love plants, why not use them as accents in your dining room or living room? You’ll not only add greenery and oxygen to your environment, but it will also bring some welcome color and texture to the space.

Recipes on the Counter

Instead of storing cookbooks inside a cabinet, just stack them up on the kitchen island or counter. Not only will you be able to refer to them with ease, but the colorful covers of the cookbooks will add some pizazz to your kitchen. Our experts say that using wall hooks and hooks for knickknacks will help you find them easily when you are in a hurry!

Some Fruits and Veggies on the Counter

You really want a simple look for your kitchen with a very organized and clean countertop that fits your cooking needs. The most important thing is to have everything lined up on one side of the kitchen: beets, carrots, onions, garlic, and Fruits all ready for chopping and eating at the same place.

Flowers in the vase

Can’t decide what to cook? Pick up some fresh flowers, and add them to your kitchen counter. Fresh flowers smell great and make the room smell more cheerful, it’s like a little gift to yourself and your family.

A modern Dish rack

A basket on the countertop to hold washed vessels is most often made of plastic or metal. Choose a quirky dish rack that reflects your personality and style, depending on your kitchen’s theme. Consider wood, metal, or colorful plastic finishes in addition to a drainer that sits on the countertop or a drainer that sits astride the basin area so the water drips straight down the drain

Display Utensils and Cutlery

Using eccentric pots to hold cutlery or colorful bottles to store vinegar, oil, sauces, or just plain water will bring your kitchen countertop a fresh and modern look. Such additions serve a dual purpose of breaking the monotony of the countertop while storing regularly used materials.

A notepad on the Counter or the Fridge

This handy kitchen board is where you can write down the menu for the day. There are so many ways to use these boards and so many ways for them to beautify your home. This blank paper makes it easy for everyone to read and write notes, including you!

Bring Art into the Kitchen

Integrating your kitchen into the decor of your home can be a challenge. The simplest way is by adding an art piece that complements your existing décor and inspires you to use fresh ingredients in the kitchen. Combined with other elements, adding artwork to the walls can create a distinct look within your kitchen and in your home.

After you think about the look you want for your kitchen, it’s time to get down to some practical matters. Remember that your kitchen units are not just for storage; they’re also for eating, and in that sense, it is important that your furniture serves its purpose.

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