5 things on a checklist for your ideal home

5 things on a checklist for your ideal home

Civilization has come a long way and the dream of owning a shelter over their head. Now, people have the need and means to have curated homes to make the occupant’s personality. Interior design experts would agree that the essence of a well-crafted interior design will always speak volumes of how you are as an individual as a reflection of your personality and style.

The color palette

Light and pastel colors make the interior look more spacious, while, dark colors tend to give a constricted feeling of space. Also, using, different color gradients and coatings represent different states of mind.

Windows & Lighting

Proper lighting or luminosity is quintessential to providing the right ambiance. Natural light through windows can be accentuated by choosing the curtains or drapes and blinds to transition to artificial and natural lighting. Controlling the natural light seeping into the room is of critical importance. Artificial lights can vary from ambient lighting as lamps or side track lights to task lighting of brighter chandeliers and accent lighting.

Mirror! Mirrors!

Mirrors were never a cliché. They serve as a neat idea to make a statement with wall art, and portraits, or to amplify light and space. It just adds an essence of an optical illusion that is sublime and adds a determining factor.

Structural objects

Creativity is vital to make a statement in designing your home. Paintings, wall hangings, artifacts, and the kind of furniture, all add to the design structure and new definition of the space’s dimension. Never overdo these defining elements as they can be a major attraction, and can look too chaotic.

Optimize your storage space

Storage is a factor to have a clutter-free and decongested home. Try to utilize every inch of space available and create storage shelves and spaces wherever possible, without being too congested. A concealed cabinet for storage is a great idea. Simple open shelves look elegant and do not make the space appear too confined.

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