Top home furniture manufacturers in India

Top home furniture manufacturers in India

Indian agroforestry houses some of the most precious and sought-after wood in the world. The demand is not just international but also domestic, which is rising with consumerism. Residential and office furniture demand is growing with the economy and rising demand for homes and office spaces. The technology around interior and furniture design has huge potential as an industry.

The demand for furniture has increased multifold over the years, especially in urban locations. There are designs that can be bought over the counter. The option to buy furniture is not just for residential but also for commercial spaces. Certain furniture manufacturers have leverage over individual products and markets.

There are thousands of furniture manufacturers in India, and we have compiled a few leading brands that are known for their quality and consumer preference.

1. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is India’s largest furniture brand in the home and office segments. Godrej is an Indian brand that has been trusted by millions of customers over the years. With a presence in 430 cities, the brand is a leader in the Indian furniture market.

2. Zuari Furniture

Zuari Furniture is a joint venture between Zuari Global Group and Polish furniture manufacturer FORTE to enter the Indian market through manufacturing and distribution support. The brand offers a wide range of products, including wardrobes, cots, sofas, dining tables, modular kitchens, wall units, and office furniture.

3. Durian

Durian is a leading luxury furniture importer in India, with a presence spread through 33 stores. The brand has mastered modular furniture design along with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for ply, laminates, veneers, beds, etc. The brand is actively involved in office design and furniture manufacturing solutions.


EVOK is a modern furniture retailer with a specialty in home interiors and furniture. They intend to address the changing consumer lifestyle. EVOK showcases more than 20,000 products through its stores and online platforms.

5. Damro

With a diverse range of modern and traditional furniture, Damro is the leading furniture manufacturer. Damro maintains outstanding customer service through its ability to produce high-quality furniture. With a presence both online and through its own stores, Damro is building its presence in Indian cities as a trusted furniture retailer as well.  

6. Featherlite

Featherlite is one of the leading furniture manufacturers, offering complete office furniture solutions through its direct sales and franchise network. The brand produces extremely innovative and cost-effective office furniture. The company has been excited about some of the mega and multi-location projects for office space design.  


The Swedish furniture retailer IKEA is one of the prominent players in the ready-to-use furniture market. IKEA has made significant investments in India, with three big-format stores in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The brand has also started online service in five cities, including Pune and Ahmedabad.  

8. Hulsta

Hulsta is a German furniture brand that covers the entire furnishing sector. From cradles for babies to comfy mattresses, the brand has a significant market share in India in the luxurious furniture segment. With over 200 patents, the brand has a global presence as well, especially in the cash and carry segment.  

9. Wipro Furniture

From the house of Wipro, the brand is a leading office furniture manufacturer that started operations in 2004 and includes workspaces, seating, collaborative spaces, storage, office chairs, and furniture. With an in-house design studio, Wipro Furniture designs office interior spaces. The brand constantly endeavours to serve customers with innovative product solutions. 

10. Nilkamal 

Nilkamal can be said to be India’s best-known furniture brand. The brand not only manufactures wood-based but also metal- and plastic-based furniture. The brand has a strong hold on residential furniture, providing end-to-end solutions from sofas in the living room to mattresses in the bedroom. Nilkamal upholds quality factors on the highest pedestal. 

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