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Inspirational Garden Designs for Homes

Is weeding, planting, and pruning your idea of relaxation? Being around nature helps us to reconnect with our inner selves, and is good for us at a physical, mental and spiritual level. We can rebalance our lives and revitalize our energy while working with plants. If gardening is your hobby of choice, we’re here to bring you some lovely home garden designs that you can take inspiration from.

The Sound of Water

Whether you have a large yard or only a small pocket of space, installing a small water body will elevate your garden to a whole new level. The gurgling sound of water is relaxing on any day, and you can plan an idyllic waterfall with plenty of ferns and fronds all around.

Rock Garden

Create a textural element with rocks of different shapes, put together in an interesting composition. Add shrubs, flowering bushes, and ferns in and around the rocks to make it appear natural. Carve a few seats out of the rocks in a shady place, so that you can spend as much time in nature as you would like.

Outdoor Hammock

Love to relax in the outdoors with a book on a lazy weekend? A hammock is what you need! Set it up in the shade of a tree, and get ready to sink into oblivion. Switch off from the world and relax; you can have your much-needed vacation right at home.

Set Up a Patio

If you have space, you should set up a wooden deck that connects the indoors with your garden. Put out some rattan garden furniture, a swing seat, and some comfy cushions, and you have the perfect spot for an alfresco brunch with friends.

Green Walkways

Rather than having people trample over your lawn or walk on top of newly planted seedlings, you should have a clearly defined walkway that goes with your theme. If you are going with the natural look, let it be a meandering path; perhaps with cobblestones or pebbles with tufts of grass in between. If your garden is more on the formal side, then your walkways can be paved with brick or stone to match your design sensibilities. Ensure that the width is adequate for at least one person to navigate easily and create some shade by planting trees alongside.

Garden Seating 

All that gardening is going to make you tired. Set up a few comfortable benches, preferably in the shade of a lovely pergola like this one. A bench made of wooden pallets and a wrought iron frame looks good in any setting. Put your feet up and relax; you’ve earned this.

Home Garden Pretty Lighting 

If you’d like to make the best use of your garden in the evenings, you need to have enough light. Line the walkways with garden lights that are set low in the ground and work on a pre-set timer, powered by solar energy. Twist a string of fairy lights around the trunk of a tree, or string some rice paper lanterns from the branches of the tree for an effect that’s straight out of fairyland.

Plan a Veggie Garden

Home-grown, organic vegetables are not only the healthier option, but they have the benefit of being available around the year too. Cordon off a small sunny patch near the kitchen and plant veggies like carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and bitter gourd. Once you have started on your vegetable patch, we guarantee you will get hooked and never want to stop.

Indoor Courtyard Home Garden

Don’t have the luxury of an outdoor garden? Why not set up a small pebble garden with succulents and potted plants, right inside your house? Possible locations are a corner of the living room or an extension of your bathroom. If you have a skylight to let in the sunlight, that’s great!. Otherwise, you could locate your indoor garden near a large window that lets the sunshine in. Indoor plants are known to clean the indoor air and remove toxins as well.

Vertical Garden

This type of garden suits well to flats and apartment complexes. The garden can go on a wall vertically. Hence, the name Vertical Garden. With easy irrigation methods and ready-to-set-up apparatus, the gardening style is becoming more popular. You can easily convert your walls into a lush green living space with different mini plants. 

Rooftop Garden

Tried placing a garden on your rooftop? It may be difficult to start a garden on an existing building but it’s easy to start your Rooftop garden on a new building. Just ensure that the roof is waterproof before jumping on a terrace grass lawn. You can create a beautiful garden to relax on your roof creating a green space in urban chaos. 

Get a basic understanding of different plants and their root and leaf systems to understand their spreads. Knowing the basics will help you to buy the required accessories for your Rooftop garden. 

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